Xtender indoor ISR

This tactical indoor & outdoor ISR system serves as a human extension, derisking and empowering any operator with no flight experience to perform accurate remote tasks in complex environments.

Urban warfare indoor ISR system

A new micro tactical indoor ISR system enables any operator to perform accurate remote multi-mission tasks in complex environments. The XTENDER can enter remote target sites, perform recon and data collection tasks with extreme precision. The system can effortlessly enter or exit buildings with no indoor-outdoor transition limitations regardless of any GPS denied locations. Additionally, it enables the control of drone teams ( swarms) and remote control of payloads deployed indoors, and actively affects the operational scenario.


Precision-based missions in complex indoor environments

Patented Mark & Fly technology
extremely accurate manoeuvring
Day and Night operational
Patented Mark & Fly technology integrated into the industry-leading drone Operating System, puts human intelligence and machine autonomy together to superpower soldier’s abilities and simultaneously save soldiers’ lives.
Operation in the most confined areas
Able to fly through 40*40 cm openings
Able to slide on the floor
Eyesight based 3D Mapping of the indoor facility
Live visual feed to all team operators
3D flight path reconstruction
Operating in a GPS/GNSS denied environment
Day & night operational (starlight based)
Full support of C2 systems integration
Hardened system for maximal durability

Sending the Xtender before humans to save lives.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) operate in austere environments and continue to be at the forefront of the battle against foreign and domestic terror activities. As the operating environment changes, the gap between non-state and state actor capabilities diminishes, and the threat to force and mission success increases significantly.

To ensure the success of SOF in their missions, operators must gain superior situational awareness and situational understanding, allowing them to accelerate tactical decision-making. To achieve such capabilities, Special Operations Forces are looking for a small, lightweight, rugged, modular, expandable, multi-use, and easy-to-use sUAS that can operate indoors, approach facilities from the outdoors, and provide the best answer to ISR missions. To add to that, the Xtender requires minimal training and minimal maintenance to optimize operability.

The Xtender UAS allows SOF to become more lethal, more efficient, and more dominant on the battlefield while reducing the risk for casualties. It is easy to carry, blends seamlessly into the SOF existing equipment and clothing, and is transferable between operators.

The Drone Operating System (Drone OS) and the Ground Control System (GCS) of the Xtender apply to other tactical platforms for other SOF-related missions (Outdoors ISR, EOD, Precision Strike, and more). The Xtender tactical micro UAS allows SOF operators to train, maintain, and carry minimal weight and equipment – for maximal operational advantage.

Current System Components

Xtend uas serie
  • Xtender indoor ISR systems
  • Mission tablet + comms module
  • Tool kit and Spare part kit
  • Head Mounted Display (HMD) VR goggles
  • Controller with 6DOF
  • Dismounted mission drone backpack

Multiple mission applications & drone variations

At its core, the Xtender platform is built on a proprietary Drone Operating System (US Patent Pending Technology) and designed to integrate to C2s and become the perfect tactical mission system.

The operating system currently supports four operational proprietary products that are put to daily use by our valued customers around the globe.

Autonomy for complex flight dynamics

The self-healing navigation capability senses the available control capabilities (RF/GPS/simultaneous mapping (SL) and defaults to open control paths rather than returning to the home location.

This capability results in resilient operations against VEO and peer threats and more time in the air for accomplishing the system’s primary purpose.

Human-centric interface for complex decision-making

Xtender’s unique Human Centric Operating System allows for complete Sensory Awareness using leading advanced VR/AR/XR Technologies.

The system creates a Visual and Aural experience that allows operators to immerse themselves in the remote environment and enables aerial dominance concerning both operator experience and mission planning.

Technical Specifications

Learning time (for operators)
within 30 minutes
Max speed
15 km/u [9.3 mp/h]
Max wind
20 knots
Frame size (L-W-H)
31cm [12.2"] x 31cm [12.2"] x 10cm [3.9"]
Flight range
4 kilometers [2.5 miles]

For more detailed specifications
please request the Xtender datasheet

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micro uas drone

Indoor Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance from a Micro Tactical Indoor UAS

A combat-proven, indoor/outdoor UAS, built for multi-mission operations. The Xtender supports full C2 integration, is lightweight and robust, small, agile, and optimized for remote, precise, indoor/urban ISR missions.

The Xtender does not need complex control interfaces or a need for the operator to understand conventional drones. The operator can move in space as he is looking at the point of interest. The platform is accurate in any environment and under any condition using AI/ML Sensor Fusion

This technology allows any operator to move accurately without any experience needed to perform multiple practical objectives. On top of that, the system enables precise interaction with objects in (remote) reality.

You can see just as you are physically in the remote environment, using a low-latency VR video stream.

Human guided autonomous UAS series

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