UAS - unmanned aerial systems

Our solid approach to perfection

Product reliability, high performance, and cost-effectiveness are what we promise before accepting your unmanned challenge.

01. Strategy

We want to achieve our client’s ambitions by working actively together. Our goal is to provide clients with reliable, high-performing, and cost-effective solutions, adding value to their drone activities by supporting them from the ground up and beyond.

Our team starts with getting a view from your perspective to identify the actual needs for your application or project. With your current workflow in mind, we define a strategy to approach the challenge with a viable solution.

02. Validation

After defining a solid approach, we start configuring and testing the most suitable combination of UAS, sensors, communications, and accessories for your challenge and strategy.

Validating the configured UAS solution is just as important to us as it is to you as the ultimate user. We want to validate before implementing our viable, sustainable, and well-executed solution. Together we test the full potential of the UAS within the scope of your project to validate and optimize it.

03. Implementation

We work with, not for, our customers. As a team, we draw up a clear implementation plan and keep communication lines short and transparent to realize the project successfully.

With our global knowledge of legislation and regulations, we can quickly make customer and region-specific adjustments. Our experience with international transport ensures fast and efficient handling of logistics.

04. Expert Training

Transfer of knowledge is a core element of our approach. We want you to know our technology as well as we do. We achieve this by training your organization on how to handle, maintain and optimally utilize your UAS. In the most challenging situations.

Our academy employed the best pilot trainers from all over the world with backgrounds in defence, aviation, and geometry. Together with our clients, we developed a fast and effective training method that adds value to your future operations. With theoretical, practical, and tactical skills training, we ensure that your organization fully masters the systems and software.

05. Services and Support

Customer satisfaction is key to us. Short lines of communication, quick response, and dynamic support are in our DNA to serve you at all times.

Every day, our team is on standby 24 hours, focused on supporting you on any topic to make your operation even more effective. We are thrilled to receive your feedback from the field. By learning from our users, new insights can enrich and improve our hardware and software.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. We keep your fleets updated to provide you an ongoing advantage in the present and the future.

First Responders
Adapted to anything

Current product portfolio

We offer leading platforms in the tactical UAS industry, developed as military drones that can be equipped with a variety of payloads & components to collect actionable information in real-time.
Last updated: September 2021

  • MIL-SPEC mini-UAV Systems, for covert ISTAR missions with extreme endurance
  • Counter UAS solution [net, kinetic]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system [tactical indoor & outdoor]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system for cargo and EOD applications
  • Swarm layering autonomous UAV solution – currently in development
  • Nested UAS solution [drone-in-a-box solutions]
  • Fixed Wing V-TOL Systems [short, medium & long range]
  • UGV Systems

  • EO/IR gimbal cameras
  • Mapping/photogrammetry cameras
  • LiDAR sensors

  • Anti-GPS Jamming/Spoofing
  • C2 P2P / MANET encrypted communication
  • Multi-path LTE encrypted communication
  • [AI] Software analytics
  • All kinds of tactical payloads


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