Martlet Tactical sUAS Series

Ground Control Station

Martlet GCS

The ground control station (GCS) is a rugged and portable unit equipped with a tactical interface and Mil-Std. components, built for one-person operations in all weather conditions. Suitable for all Martlet UAV systems.

GCS Tactical Drone

Ruggedised Ground Control System

The Martlet GCS is designed for maximum comfort, durability, and effectiveness. Because of the outstanding endurance of our Martlet series, we developed a Ground Control System perfectly adapted to the job. The special joystick and switch setup allows a one-person operation easily. You can use the Ground Control System by using shoulder straps, tripod mount, or even integrate the device in your command truck or control center.


Ground Control Station

Mil-Std. design
All weather proof
Suitable for Martlet UAVs
One person operation
Martlet UAS drone
GEO information of Points Of Interest
Smart software for situational awareness
Mil-Std. joysticks, switches, and buttons
Integrated Panasonic FZ-G1 toughpad
Mission planning prior or during flight

Maximum reliability

The GCS user-friendly interface incorporates a real-time display and a moving tactical map for a complete mission overview.

It is used for mission planning, different operational modes, payload control, and UAV monitoring.

The Martlet GCS is designed for maximal operational movement, durability, and effectiveness and is able to control all Martlet UAV systems. All flight critical functions are reachable by Mil-Std. joysticks, switches, and buttons. The control console has a built-in ruggedized computer with a touch screen option for maximum operation convenience.

Compatible with

GEO information of the POI

The POI mode empowers the operator with GEO-information of an object, selected through the camera view by a simple click on a button.

Waypoints, search and rescue flight patterns are easily created and activated before or during a flight.

Bingo for maximum focus

The pilot’s dashboard gives a perfect overview of all indicators for a safe flight.

The Bingo parameter keeps the mission safe and calculates the remaining mission time every minute. This allows the pilot to fully focus on the mission. The system always ensures a timely flight back to the home point.


Glassfibre composite housing
Panasonic FZ-G1 toughpad
Built in datalink 10 km range
AES 256
5 hours
Shoulder straps, Tripod mount

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please request the Martlet GCS datasheet

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