GPS jamming/spoofing protection

GPSdome OEM-board

OEM-board drone accessory protecting UAS against GPS jamming, ensuring continuity of navigation and operation during jamming disruptions. No other solution that offers this robust protection is as small, light, and cost-efficient as GPSdome.

The industry challenge

What started as just a military threat – has grown into the No. 1 threat to commercial and defense drones. Attacks are on the rise worldwide and affect unmanned technology and its immediate environment. Jamming technology is evolving rapidly and is becoming widely available at a lower cost – jammers can be purchased online for as little as $ 50.


Groundbreaking Technology

GPS anti-jamming
Mil-Spec / Low-SWaP
Plug & Play Device
Cloud monitoring
To overcome the vulnerabilities of PNT [Positioning, Navigation & Timing], we provide the industry’s only NON-ITAR, MIL-SPEC anti-jamming solution for unmanned aerial systems.

Protecting GPS/GNSS signals ensures continuity of navigation and timing signals which assures normal operations during a jamming attack. These assaults can have drastic effects on drones, literally crashing them into the ground causing major disruptions and downtime.skyebase

GNSS anti-jamming solution
Detection & protection
Small, light, effective and cost-efficient
GPS Cloud Monitoring software
Real-time & statistical data

Strong as the weakest link

Drones and the service they provide are dependent on GPS signals. Even when the drone is equipped with backup methods (INS/OPS), GPS references are still required for position, navigation, and stabilization. GPS attacks are the easiest way to take a drone down.

Detecting and protecting algorithm

In addition to protecting GPS signals from being disrupted by the jammer, GPSdome also alerts the operator when the attack is detected. GPSdome analyzes the interference signal in real-time and, thanks to its proprietary algorithm, filters and rejects the attacking RF interference.

Small device, big impact

Anti-jamming technology was originally developed for military use and is now affordable and available for commercial applications with minimal to no export control + CE compliant.

GPSdome™ OEM-board protects GPS (GNSS) receivers from unintentional interference as well as intentional jamming often associated with criminal activities.

How GPSdome works

The patented filtering algorithm creates a new pattern to avoid the interference of strong jamming signals by precisely targeting a “null” in the direction of these interfering signals.

This improves situational awareness of the operator and/or operations center providing immediate detection of jamming interference. All this is done in a tiny module that has minimal impact on the size, weight, and power consumption of systems equipped with it.

Take action with cloud-based intelligence

The GPS Security Cloud is a SaaS cloud-based solution that provides access to real-time and statistical data on GPS jamming attacks and ongoing GNSS monitoring data from deployed drones.

This data is transmitted over a digital cellular data link into the cloud. The cloud dashboard enables users to receive real-time notifications and statistical reports. When a jamming attack is detected, operators can alert authorities with actionable intelligence for response to the alert and apprehension of the criminals.

Being cloud-based, infiniCloud can be readily accessed through popular web browsers and supports FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security), the 5 major pillars that define network management monitoring systems.


Small form factor
X72: 40 x 40mm | AD7200: 40x20mm
Max power consumption
< 0.8W
Temperature range
-40 to +85
Protected GPS code:
GPS L1 C/A Code
Passthrough frequencies
100ns ± 15ns (fixed)
Insertion loss:

Low-SWaP [Size, Weight, and Power]

Driven by drone requirements towards a smaller, lighter, and powerful solution. For UAVs, every extra gram added affects the payload and mission time. The 75 gram OEM Board easily integrates into the most weight and size-sensitive platforms, adding very little overhead.

For more detailed specifications
please request the GPSdome [OEM-board] datasheet

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