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Martlet MI-2

The MI-2 provides aerial intelligence that can be streamed live to command and control posts. The MI-2 is a tactical drone ideal for monitoring high-risk situations where decisions need to be made quickly.

Rapid deployable ISR drone

The MI-2 is a reliable, portable, and lightweight system that makes minimal noise for covert day and night observation for a single-man operation. Together with 85 minutes of flight time, it makes it an ideal surveillance and reconnaissance UAS.


Unmatched performance

80 minutes endurance
15km datalink range
150m covert altitude
Rugged, MIL-SPEC design
1 kg maximal payload weight
85 - 55 minutes endurance
Real time full HD datalink
P2P or LTE encrypted communication
GPS-denied flight capabilities
Artificial Intelligence features

Tactical advantages

Field-proven unmanned technology that is ready to perform a wide variety of missions and built with an open architecture to adapt it to our client’s current and future needs.

The MI-2 is capable of GPS-denied flights and packed with useful AI (Artificial Intelligence) features to increase combat effectiveness and force protection.

The P2P or LTE encrypted datalink ensures instant access to real-time information for individuals and command posts, even when flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Designed for ISTAR

The MI-2 has a compact, lightweight & modular design to make it rugged, reliable, and simple to operate while optimizing its performance in harsh environments.

The system is dust and rain-proof [IP53] and has a flight time of 85 minutes to maximize real-time aerial intelligence for critical mission success. With a payload of up to 1 kg, it can still stay in the air for 55 minutes.

This military drone is designed for ISTAR missions, the MI-2 requires only 1-2 personnel for rapid deployment within a couple of minutes, ready to perform manual or fully autonomous missions.

Powerful EO/IR sensors

The MI-2 is equipped with advanced EO/IR sensors, streaming real-time encrypted data to the ground control and remote viewing stations for quick and effective situational awareness.

We offer a wide range of field-proven EO/IR sensors that are leading in the field of micro-stabilized gimballed cameras for commercial, industrial, and security applications. The sensors deliver powerful thermal observation and long-range visible imagery with object tracking, geolocation, and 40x zoom.

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Martlet UAS drone
GCS Tactical Drone

Ground Control Station

The ground control station (GCS) is a portable unit equipped with a tactical interface and Mil-Std. components, built for one-person operations in all weather conditions.

Its user-friendly interface incorporates a real-time display and a moving tactical map for a complete mission overview, mission planning, different operational modes, payload control, and UAV monitoring.

view ground control station

Technical Specifications

85 - 55 minutes (0.2 - 1 kg payload)
Datalink range
15 km
Max take-off weight [MTOW]
4 kg (including max payload)
Max payload weight
1 kg
60 x 60 x 26 cm
Ingress protection
Max speed
20 m/s
Max wind
25 knots
Surface ceiling
3500 m ASL


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Common Applications

  • Defence [ISTAR]
  • Search and rescue
  • Homeland security
  • Natural disasters assessment
  • Commercial
  • Police / Law enforcement
  • Fire fighting
  • State Border Patrol
  • Border and coastal protection
  • Security and monitoring
Long endurance Tactical Drone

The MI-2

Developed for Defense and Security clients with field-proven, autonomous, and unmatched performance.
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