WIRIS® Security

Presenting a new solution for security and search & rescue operations: The WIRIS Security, specially designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and with its high thermal resolution and 30x optical zoom, can play a critical role in urgent situations.

State-of-the-art thermal camera

This security thermal camera offers a high-resolution thermal camera (800×600 px) and 30x optical zoom in the RGB spectrum, The camera offers excellent temperature sensitivity and is protected by a rugged mechanical case made of lightweight aluminum. The thermal camera’s spectral range is aligned with the industry standard for an LWIR camera: 7.5–13.5 μm.


Aerial imagery camera

Security monitoring
Thermal & RGB camera
Non ITAR product
The WIRIS® thermal cameras are individually manufactured and precisely calibrated and are delivered with a final calibration certificate along with each unit.

We know that aerial applications present a serious challenge to sensor performance. To ensure the accuracy of the devices in the face of this challenge, all cameras and lenses are calibrated individually.

This camera is categorized as a NON-ITAR product, which means that the sale, export, and import of this thermal camera is considerably easier and faster than it would be for an ITAR unit.

Highest thermal resolution on the market
30X optical RGB zoom
12X digital thermal zoom
De-fog feature for a clearer view in fog or mist
Noise filter for clearer results in low-light
Night vision cut filter
Hot spot detection

High Thermal Resolution

The WIRIS Security camera is developed to enhance search and rescue operations where thermal/night vision is essential.

The thermal camera offers an unrivaled resolution of 800×600 px – and an excellent temperature sensitivity that clocks in at 40 mK. 

Night Vision RGB Camera

Next to its highly sensitive thermal camera, the system features a specialized visual band or RBG camera with 30X optical zoom.

This precise imager is designed to be highly sensitive during dusk and dawn, delivering a clear image even at a minimum light of 0.0008 luxSince the focal length and field of vision are variable within the intervals of 129.0 mm – 4.3 mm, or 2.3° – 3.7°, the camera delivers up to 30x optical zoomFurthermore, the WIRIS Security offers a wide range of functionalities, not limited to an automatic switch from day to night mode, fog impact compensation mode, and advanced image stabilisation.

WIRIS OS to capture the full potential

The WIRIS OS operating system has been in development for over four years now and evaluated on each of the previous generations of Workswell’s WIRIS cameras. This platform allows end-users to maximize the full potential of the camera’s sensor and computing hardware – it delivers results that similar products without an operating system cannot even come close to.

Three Recording Options

The WIRIS Security camera is equipped with an SSD disc with 512 GB or 256 GB memory for recording. It also enables data storage via an external USB disk or microSD card.

SDK – an opportunity to develop advanced applications

Along with each WIRIS Security, we provide an SDK (Standard Development Kit) enabling you to develop your own applications. These libraries give access to low-level functionalities and enable the application developer to fully utilize the camera hardware’s potential.

Picture in Picture Functionality

The innovative picture-in-picture feature allows you to merge a thermal image with an RGB camera image in real-time, even with 30x optical zoom.

compatible UAV systems

Resolution Matters

In search and rescue operations, the resolution is not just a technical parameter. In practice, it may well be the difference between life and death. We stay on the cutting edge of camera quality because resolution matters.

Many Interfaces

  • S.Bus
  • CAN bus
  • Ethernet (RJ 45)
  • MavLink
  • External GPS connection
  • External trigger
  • CANbus & UART serial communication

Technical Specifications

IR camera resolution
800 x 600 pixels
IR camera digital zoom
1 – 12x continuous
Temperature range
-20°C to +150 °C (-4°F to +302 °F)
Temperature sensitivity
0.04°C (40 mK, 0.07 °F)
RGB resolution
Full HD - 10x optical zoom camera with anti-vibration compensation
Minimum illumination
0.0008 lux (ICR on, Slow shutter 1/4s, High sensitivity on)
Image enhancement
Auto-white balance, WDR, IR cut filtering, DEFOG, 3D Noise reduction

The WIRIS® weighs just 780 grams, which makes it very convenient for drone use.

Integrated with our MI-3 the UAV reaches an unmatched flight time of more than 75 minutes.


For more detailed specifications
please request the WIRIS Security datasheet

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