Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

Developed and built by people with both technical skills and battlefield experience. Our carefully constructed UAS portfolio offers solutions that ensure that the user is always one step ahead of his opponent. The performance, user-friendliness, and operational reliability are unique. Our systems are at your service in all circumstances.

Martlet UAS drone

Dedicated Drones

Our unmanned aerial systems are leading platforms in the tactical UAS industry, developed as military drones with advanced capabilities for defence, security, public safety and commercial applications.

Using aviation-grade materials and field-proven sensors & components to meet field requirements and MIL-standards. Our focus is to be the best on endurance, autonomy, and connectivity. We like R&D projects, integrating any solution into your C2 system because it’s made for it.

Current areas of expertise:

  • MIL-SPEC mini-UAV Systems
  • Counter UAS solution [net, kinetic]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system [tactical indoor & outdoor]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system for cargo and EOD applications
  • Swarm layering autonomous UAV solution – currently in development
  • Nested UAS solution [drone-in-a-box solutions]
  • Fixed Wing V-TOL Systems [short, medium & long range]

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Gijsbert [GB] Thijsen

Tech Consultant