Integrated Aerial Day & night surveillance

Autonomous Security Drones

The SAMS (drone-in-a-box) is a smart, rugged and fully automated drone surveillance system to easily identify and respond to security threats.


Automated Drone Surveillance

When monitoring infrastructure, assets, or events, the automated drone surveillance system is ready to go above and beyond in ease of use, durability, and coverage.

  • 360º Eye in the Sky
  • Stationary or mobile
  • AI features with enhanced data analysis capabilities
  • Autonomous missions
  • Affordable infrastructure
  • Multi-functional applications

The drone-in-a-box (SAMS) enables consistent multipurpose solutions, by removing the human element from routine day and night surveillance, allowing other more meaningful tasks to be attended to. Choose from a free-flight (untethered), tethered, or hybrid airframe configurations with multiple sensor payload options for unparalleled security missions.


UAS - drone in a box
Threat detected from CCTV, patrol, ground or fence sensors, etc.
Alarm received by SAMS which deploys drone autonomously
Operators monitor, track and react to real-time data
SAMS provides overwatch and tracking until threat is resolved
Drone returns autonomously, recharges and awaits next mission

Modern Perimeter Security

First responders, security, and public safety personnel demand an in-the-field partner they can count on.

Our Smart Aerial Monitoring System (SAMS) deploys autonomously via a triggered sensor or as a pre-programmed routine mission. SAMS allows security personnel to receive HD and thermal feeds in real-time with an immediate eye in the sky for better, smarter, and faster decision-making.

This all-in-one technology will automate data acquisition, processing, and integration with 3rd party solutions WITH NO HUMAN intervention.


eye in the sky

Completely mobile, simply arrive, deploy and monitor – situational awareness has never been so easy.

The military-grade “eye in the sky” solution is a cost-effective and fully autonomous alternative to traditional aerial surveillance systems. Unlike using helicopters, our drone-in-a-box solutions provide instant results when and where you need them.

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Autonomous Surveillance Drone

Whether it be perimeter security, border protection, or disaster relief, autonomous security missions demand an eye in the sky that refuses to blink.
    The fully automated, smart perimeter solution allows you to easily identify and rapidly respond to security threats.
    A critical component to comprehensive border security, our autonomous solutions patrol borders and provide personnel with full HD and thermal views.
    When disaster strikes, mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death. With a fully automated drone-in-a-box, you can get unparalleled intelligence in under 30 seconds – all from the safety of a birds-eye view.

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