Martlet UAS series

Mini UAS for defence & public safety. The Martlet UAV systems are made from carbon, kevlar, and glass fiber. The monocoque frame makes it easy to equip a wide range of payloads for ISR and EW. Consisting of 3 different field-proven models that are deployed around the globe.

Martlet UAS drone
Long endurance Military ISTAR Drone

The Martlet multirotor UAS

Depending on the required flight time and payload capacity, the Martlet Series offers three sizes of UAS. All Martlet systems are all interchangeable with the same Ground Control Station [GCS]. The GCS is packed with useful features for Intelligence in Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance [ISTAR]. Alongside this, the redundant flight control software has a multi-layered safety system that enables the operator to fully focus on its mission without having to worry about possible failures – the UAS will always find its way back home. All this makes the Martlet Series a reliable and long-lasting UAS solution that meets field requirements and MIL standards, reinforced with dedicated training and support programs.