Payloads & components

We offer a wide variety of payloads making your UAS suitable for any task. Our sensors are capable to function in rough weather conditions to guarantee maximum availability and deployability. All payloads are seamlessly integrated into our hardware and software and ensure user-friendly operation and make your system even smarter.

Advanced Payloads

Our payload options range from tactical EO/IR sensors, ultra-high-resolution aerial cameras, and LiDAR sensors.

Built with advanced capabilities for defence, security, public safety, and commercial applications.

Using aviation-grade materials and field-proven sensors & components to meet field requirements and MIL-standards. Our focus is to be the best on endurance, autonomy, and connectivity. We like R&D projects, integrating any solution into your C2 system because it’s made for it.

Current areas of expertise:

  • EO/IR gimbal cameras
  • Mapping/photogrammetry cameras
  • LiDAR sensors

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Gijsbert [GB] Thijsen

Tech Consultant