SAMS drone-in-a-box Series

Autonomous Drone in a Box

Raptor SAMS-Hybrid

The hybrid version of the SAMS solution boasts unlimited flight time, unparalleled data security, and the possibility to transition into a 45-minute free flight.

The entire operation – from takeoff to landing – is fully autonomous and can be performed remotely without the need for on-site intervention, even in extreme weather conditions.

The industry's first tethered/free-flight hybrid solution.

We go beyond the standard one-size-fits-all solution and provide military-grade systems tailored to various operational requirements. Built by a group of former military and aerospace, robotics, and software engineers, the system is developed with maximum durability, portability, and autonomy in mind, making it a robust and versatile airborne security and data collection tool.


Above & Beyond

Government & Defense
Public Safety & First Responders
Commercial & Industrial
Military-grade autonomous drone-in-a-box solution customised to meet unique ISTAR, security, mapping or inspection needs.

The Raptor SAMS-H is part of our range of portable, NDAA 848 compliant [Drone-in-a-box] systems that are available in tethered, free-flight (untethered), or as the industry’s first tethered/free-flight hybrid solution.

All autonomous, easy-to-use solutions can be automatically deployed and commanded remotely from any location around the world.

Tethered + 45 min free flight

Raptor is a first-of-its-kind hybrid solution with a versatile payload capacity that combines the unlimited flight endurance from a tether with the ability of up to 45 minutes of untethered free-flight. The system automatically untethers in air, before starting a free flight.

The ground station (“box”) is MIL-STD-810G certified and features an automated roof opening and closing system and is made from military-grade materials, making it mobile, rugged and weather resilient. The operation is simple and can be performed on-site or from a remote command center.

The system features a 300-foot data-over-power (DOP) enhanced tether with an auto-retraction mechanism that supplies constant power and resilient, unjammable two-way communication. This feature enables unlimited flight time while also transmitting HD video and telemetry, even in extreme weather conditions, and offers precise landing on the ground station even in GPS-denied environments.

Hybrid drone-in-a-box

This state-of-the-art drone predominantly operates in the tethered mode for prolonged situational awareness missions and can transition into a free flight to cover larger areas.

Following a command from an operator, a triggered alarm, or if the onboard sensors identify a pre-selected object, the tether releases for a free-flight autonomous or directed mission.

The tether is released with the deployment of a parachute once transitioning into free-flight. After its mission, the Raptor will return for a precision landing in the ground station, even in GPS-denied environments

Target detection & tracking

The Raptor UAV supports a wide range of payloads including gimballed cameras, floodlights, communications relays, loudspeakers, lidar, radar, and communications jamming systems.

For example, the Nighthawk 2-UZ delivers a full HD thermal image and provides EO/IR object tracking, geolocation, video compression, IP Streaming, video recording, LTE, and license plate recognition capabilities.

EO/IR object tracking points the camera to track a subject within the camera’s range, ensuring the object of interest never leaves the view. Geolocation captures the position of the camera, its line of sight, and extracts the location of observed objects with unprecedented accuracy.

Independent & autonomous aircraft hangar

Portable, rugged, smart, and self-sustaining base station that can be deployed from stationary or mobile platforms. The system provides comprehensive weather protection and is MIL-STD-810G certified.

The ground station’s relatively small size and weight allow it to be rapidly mobilized and deployed from stationary and mobile launch sites such as a standard pickup truck or other vehicle configuration, traveling up to 25 miles per hour. The ground station is equipped with numerous temperature sensors, system health monitors, and four cameras for 360-degree situational awareness around the deployment site.

  • Unlimited flight time & < 30 sec deployment
  • Tactical & portable
  • Fully Autonomous landing & takeoff
  • Rugged & weather resistant
  • MIL-STD-810G standard certified

Payload options

Secure real-time HD and thermal video feeds
Intuitive user interface for desktop and mobile
Advanced mission planning capabilities
Smart geo-fencing
Automatic, complete data & telemetry logging
Integrates with any 3rd party alarm software
Integration into any monitoring (C2) systems

Remote Monitoring Software

Remote Monitoring Software is a proprietary software system that enables command and control of a single or multiple remotely operated drones and their payload sensors, while transmitting high-definition optical and thermal video in real-time.

The Software can be securely accessed anywhere and at any time, enabling users to conduct missions from a command center desktop or in the field via smartphone, tablet, or proprietary controller.


Technical Specifications

5.5 kg (12.12 lb) w/o payload
3.0 kg (6.6 lb)
Tethered flight time
Free flight time
45 minutes
100 km/h (62.13 mph)
20 km (12.4 miles)
All Weather (Rain, Snow, Fog)
Encrypted radio communication & LTE for backup [optional]
Ground station power supply
Standard power outlet [100-240V]

Raptor UAV


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3kg payload capacity
MIL-STD-810G standard certified
Retractable tether for free-flight missions
Mobile, rugged, and all weather protection
Operation in GPS-denied environments
Easy Remote Monitoring Software
Artificial Intelligence features
360-degree situational awareness
LYNX OEM 3P Data-Over-Power for unjammable data security

A versatile eye in the sky

Developed with the support of the US Air Force and proudly built in the U.S.A., our military-grade drone-in-a-box solutions are designed to go above and beyond – even in the most hostile of environments.

Our military drone systems are field-proven, NDAA Sec. 848 compliant, and built with qualified traceable components. Only qualified [US/EU-made] parts are used in critical systems, such as communications modules and flight controllers.

A versatile eye in the sky offering unparalleled protection and situational awareness to those on the ground.

The Raptor SAMS-Hybrid and Albatross SAMS-Tethered enable tethered/free-flight operations from stationary or moving platforms traveling up to 25 mph, whereas the Osprey SAMS is a non-tethered drone-in-a-box with 55 minutes autonomous flight time.

Common Applications

  • Government & Defence
  • Critical site perimeter security
  • Border protection
  • Disaster relief
  • Infrastructure & site security
  • Rail & transportation
  • Industrial & utilities
  • First responders & public safety
  • Police
  • Fire Fighting
  • Disaster response
  • Agriculture & food production
  • Sports & entertainment
  • Aviation

Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems


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