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Field-proven unmanned systems, payloads, and components with unmatched performance for ISTAR, public safety, security, mapping, and industrial applications.

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We dedicated ourselves to create innovative and custom solutions for the defence, HLS, and commercial market. Our team provides high-end unmanned systems and components for projects with demanding tasks or areas.

Our systems excel in endurance, autonomy, and connectivity, generating more secure and valuable data, elevating the capacity of our customers to make safer, smarter, and faster decisions.

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Our solid approach

Always ahead of the game – we strive to provide an ongoing advantage for our global client base to meet current and future needs.

We offer a wide range of field-proven systems and a smooth implementation in your organisation. Our goal is to deliver total solutions that are well executed, cost-effective, and operationally ready.

To achieve this, we provide dedicated advice, define a clear scope and deliver a product that does what it promises. All adapted to any application, mission, or environment to overcome any challenge.




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High-end Unmanned Systems, Payloads & Components.

Unmanned systems that are leading platforms in the tactical UAS industry, developed as military drones with advanced capabilities for defence, public safety, and commercial applications [e.g. security, mapping & inspections.]

Our focus is to be the best in endurance, autonomy, and connectivity. The systems are made with aerospace-grade materials and field-proven sensors and components to meet field requirements & MIL standards.

Payloads are seamlessly integrated with our systems to collect actionable information in real-time. To strengthen cybersecurity, connectivity, and efficiency, we provide unique components that enhance UAS capabilities.

We like R&D projects, integrating any solution into your C2 system because it’s made for it.

Current areas of expertise

Last updated: September 2021

  • MIL-SPEC mini-UAV Systems, for covert ISTAR missions with extreme endurance
  • Counter UAS solution [net, kinetic]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system [tactical indoor & outdoor]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system for cargo and EOD applications
  • Swarm layering autonomous UAV solution – currently in development
  • Nested UAS solution [drone-in-a-box solutions]
  • Fixed Wing V-TOL Systems [short, medium & long range]
  • UGV Systems

  • EO/IR gimbal cameras
  • Mapping/photogrammetry cameras
  • LiDAR sensors

  • Anti-GPS Jamming/Spoofing
  • C2 P2P / MANET encrypted communication
  • Multi-path LTE encrypted communication
  • [AI] Software analytics
  • All kinds of tactical payloads

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