Wolverine C-IED/ISR

This ISR/C-IED UAV system serves as a human extension, derisking and empowering any operator with no flight experience to perform accurate remote tasks in complex environments.

Out-/indoor platform, built for multi mission operations

A tactical aerial drone system that enables any operator to perform surgical precision pick & drop delicate tasks. The Wolverine utilizes sensor fusion and machine learning technologies to empower the operator with superior situational awareness and understanding, allowing better tactical decision-making, on the fly, away from harm’s way. The versatile system is small, lightweight and rugged, and requires minimal training and low maintenance.


Human-Guided Autonomous Multi-Mission System

Patented Mark & Fly technology
extremely accurate manoeuvring
Day and Night operational
Patented Mark & Fly technology integrated into the industry-leading drone Operating System, puts human intelligence and machine autonomy together to superpower soldier’s abilities and simultaneously save soldiers’ lives.
Full support of C2 systems integration
Day & night operational (starlight based)
Bottom and front looking visual sensors
Operating in a GPS/GNSS denied environment
Pre-plan autonomous patrol missions
Hardened system for maximal durability
Multiple interchangeable payloads

Eliminating threats that employ explosive devices

The Wolverine is a combat-proven, USASOC delivered, revolutionary new Human Extension UAS that allows any operator with no flight experience to perform the most accurate maneuvers and actions in any scenario (indoors and outdoors).

The wearable light system and a single hand controller enable operators to perform complex tasks without physical risk. It allows the capability to perform complex tasks such as surveying enemy territory at ground level or inside dangerous and hard-to-reach indoor environments using various payloads.

The Wolverine can carry multi-use payloads to support tactical missions such as EOD, placing objects in desired points of interest, and more. The system allows warfighters to deal with critical real-time events, extend their operational arm, get real-time visuals and perform surgical precision pick & drop tasks in any situation where precision & versatility are paramount.

Current System Components

  • Wolverine C-IED systems
  • Head Mounted Display (HMD) VR goggles
  • Mission tablet + comms module
  • Controller with 6DOF
  • Tool kit and Spare part kit
  • Pick & drop robotic arms + rail connector
  • Hook payload with rail connector
  • GoPro mount payload with rail connector
  • Picatinny rail connectors
  • Dismounted mission drone backpack

Multiple mission applications & drone variations

At its core, the Wolverine platform is built on a proprietary Drone Operating System (US Patent Pending Technology) and designed to integrate to C2s and become the perfect tactical mission system.

The operating system currently supports four operational proprietary products that are put to daily use by our valued customers around the globe.

Autonomy for complex flight dynamics

The self-healing navigation capability senses the available control capabilities (RF/GPS/simultaneous mapping (SL) and defaults to open control paths rather than returning to the home location.

This capability results in resilient operations against VEO and peer threats and more time in the air for accomplishing the system’s primary purpose.

Human-centric interface for complex decision-making

Griffon’s unique Human Centric Operating System allows for complete Sensory Awareness using leading advanced VR/AR/XR Technologies.

The system creates a Visual and Aural experience that allows operators to immerse themselves in the remote environment and enables aerial dominance concerning both operator experience and mission planning.

Technical Specifications

Learning time (for operators)
within 2 hours
Max speed
110 km/u [68 mp/h]
25 minutes
Max payload weight
2.5 kilograms [5.5 lbs.]
Max wind
25 knots
Frame size
40 cm [15.7"] - diagonal

For more detailed specifications
please request the Wolverine datasheet

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A combat-proven tactical multi-mission UAS

The Wolverine is optimized for remote, precise, physical engagement such as pick, place, or control objects. The system is a revolutionary product that can conduct the entire Counter Improvised Explosive (C-IED) device mission while never having a human being inside the effective range of the threat IED device. This system results in an increase in force protection.

The Wolverine does not need complex control interfaces or a need to physically understand drones. The operator can move in space as he is looking at the point of interest. The platform is accurate in any environment and under any condition using AI/ML Sensor Fusion.

This means that any operator can move accurately without any experience needed to perform multiple practical objectives. On top of that, the system enables precise interaction with objects in (remote) reality.

You can see as if you are physically there in the remote environment, using a low-latency VR video stream.


Human guided autonomous UAS series

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