Griffon C-UAS

This C-UAS system serves as a human extension, derisking and empowering any operator with superior situational awareness in complex scenarios for better tactical decision-making.

Ultra-Resilient, Ultra-Fast Aerial Interception System

A revolutionary counter-UAS system that enables any operator to intercept aerial threats kinetically using a resilient ultra-fast drone system. Serving as a human extension, the Griffon allows any operator with no flight experience to perform extremely accurate, vision-assisted, and semi-automated interceptions. The operator can control a team of drones that automatically launches when detecting aerial threats.


Human-Guided Autonomous C-UAS System

Patented Mark & Fly technology
extremely accurate interception
Day and Night operational
Patented Mark & Fly technology integrated into the industry-leading drone Operating System, puts human intelligence and machine autonomy together to superpower soldier’s abilities and simultaneously save soldiers’ lives.
Intercepting drones in a radius of 4km
Physical & jamming interception capabilities
Multiple semi / automated flight modes
Integration to any detection & C&C solutions
Static & wearable deployment options
Day & night operational (starlight based)
Operating in a GPS/GNSS denied environment
Standby mode: auto launch from C2 command
Pre-plan autonomous patrol missions
Hardened system for maximal durability

Securing airspace from hostile drones

The Griffon C-UAS enables operators to perform complex tasks such as semi-automated counter-drone interception. The system allows users to control a Drone Team that will automatically launch itself towards aerial threats and introduces a computer-vision-assisted, semi-automated interception, so aerial threats can be dealt with easily and effectively.

The Interception process is possible with various modular effectors, from physical destructors to mobile jamming devices. The Griffon C-UAS system efficiently interfaces with Detection and Command & Control systems to seamlessly integrate into a single Detection & Interception System.

The system also allows an independent, wearable, “dynamic” mode. This mode enables “on-the-go” protection from aerial threats, such as during special events or traveling VIP protection.

Current System Components

  • Griffon C-UAS systems
  • Interception nets
  • Head Mounted Display (HMD) VR goggles
  • Tool kit and Spare part kit
  • Ground Control System (GCS)
  • Mission tablet + comms module
  • Controller with 6DOF
  • Dismounted mission drone backpack

Multiple mission applications & drone variations

At its core, the Griffon platform is built on a proprietary Drone Operating System (US Patent Pending Technology) and designed to integrate to C2s and become the perfect tactical C-UAS system.

The operating system currently supports four operational proprietary products that are put to daily use by our valued customers around the globe.

Autonomy for complex flight dynamics

The self-healing navigation capability senses the available control capabilities (RF/GPS/simultaneous mapping (SL) and defaults to open control paths rather than returning to the home location.

This capability results in resilient operations against VEO and peer threats and more time in the air for accomplishing the system’s primary purpose.

Human-centric interface for complex decision-making

Griffon’s unique Human Centric Operating System allows for complete Sensory Awareness using leading advanced VR/AR/XR Technologies.

The system creates a Visual and Aural experience that allows operators to immerse themselves in the remote environment and enables mid-range aerial dominance concerning both operator experience and drone interception.

Technical Specifications

Learning time (for operators)
within 1 hour
Max speed
160 km/u [100 mp/h]
Max wind
35 knots
Max payload weight
700 grams [24.7 oz.]
12 minutes
Data link range
7 kilometers [4.3 miles]
Frame size
29,5 cm [11,6"] - diagonal

For more detailed specifications
please request the Griffon C-UAS datasheet

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A field-proven tactical mid-range C-UAS hard kill solution.

The Griffon C-UAS system is a combat-ready system, defending areas, facilities, and personnel from tactical aerial threats. The Griffon eliminates a wide range of UAV threats, from fixed-wing form factors to size & weight varying drones, via a kinetic interception methodology.

The Griffon can integrate with most market-used systems and interception methodologies like Detection & Jamming. The system acts per need as the first or last layer of defense. Leveraging the best of autonomous drone performance, AI-based detection, classification and projection, and the Human mind – the Griffon delivers maximal situational awareness, situational understanding, efficient and precise mission execution, and knowledgeable decision making.

The Griffon C-UAS system has several potential setups, whether as a wearable, mobile, and light travel kit – or as a full-blown defense line, nested in a shell while ready-to-go, auto-triggered, and auto-assigned by local detection and C&C systems.

Human guided autonomous UAS series

xtend micro uas

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