UAV LiDAR system

YellowScan Mapper

The next-generation of integrated UAV LiDAR solutions. With Livox technology, YellowScan sets new standards for UAV LiDAR mapping.

YellowScan Mapper LiDAR system

YellowScan is committed to delivering the highest level of performance, reliability, and robustness for our solutions. Fully integrated, ultra-light, and easy to use, these highly automated data collection tools are employed by customers around the world in surveying, forestry, environmental research, archeology, industrial inspection, civil engineering, and mining.


Aerial LiDAR tool

Best cost-performance ratio
High point density
Advanced accuracy and precision
Turn-key and simple to operate
YellowScan’s Mapper is lightweight, fully integrated with embedded batteries, and designed to meet 3D mapping high precision and accuracy needs.

With more than 10 years of experience,
YellowScan’s platforms are field-tested all over the world in multiple environments (tropical forests, bare soils, mountains, rivers, coastlines, open-pit mines, power lines).

Livox Horizon Laser Scanner
Applanix APX-15 IMU
High-performance GNSS antenna
External or self-powered
90min. autonomy - external battery
Low-weight, professional solution

Livox-based UAV LiDAR system

With a great point density, this LiDAR sensor allows our LiDAR system to fly easily at 70m AGL with a 120m swath.

We recommend a balanced 10 m/s flight speed to benefit from the Mapper’s point density while being productive. For example, flying at 70m AGL, 10 m/s, you will be able to map 10 ha in 3 minutes.

The YellowScan Mapper is the right LiDAR tool to start with. Your data collection will be fast, accurate and cost-effective.

YellowScan Mapper Performance


AGL altitude Precision Accuracy








A reliable work-tool

The YellowScan Mapper has IPW55 protection meaning rain is not an issue during data collection: you have time to land.

You can start your flight without rain in a weather that “might forecast rain”. If during the flight it starts raining, there is no issue flying back home. Your LiDAR is safe. The LiDAR system is equipped with non-slip rubber pads. You can lay your system down without fearing to damage it.

YellowScan designed a protective sliding piece to avoid any damage to the laser scanner glass during transportation. And if you forget to remove the protective sliding piece, The Mapper will let you know, thanks to its detection system which will warn you before the mission starts.

YellowScan LiveStation

Don’t miss anything before going back to the office with Live Data transmission.

In-flight LiDAR Data transmission is enabled by a dedicated port. The YellowScan Mapper is compatible with the LiveStation, allowing live visualization of LiDAR data collection. Your mission can only be a success.

Camera module

You can now use our very own camera module on the YellowScan Mapper, a new unique internal port for RGB cameras that enables you to connect other sensors if needed.

Operating the camera will be as simple as what philosophy indicates: “Just press the Yellow button”. The camera is powered through the Mapper and its data is stored on a dedicated SD card.

Mapper backpack

YellowScan decided to protect this compact and lightweight LiDAR system and thought it would be good to have a backpack.

In this hardshell backpack with custom precut foam, you can easily carry your LiDAR with everything you need (LiDAR system, software, batteries, laptop, data storage). This backpack is the size of a carry-on luggage which fits in any airline overhead compartment.

Compatible with

Simple and Efficient

Survey productivity matters.

No need to connect a computer to the LiDAR system to gather data. Just remove the USB stick from the system and go to your computer. As you receive two USBs, this helps you land and take-off again straight away thanks to the second USB stick. One USB stick can store LiDAR data from a 3 hour-survey.

No overheating LiDAR system

YellowScan optimized the temperature management with a double suction grid (airflow management) for better aeration of the system. You can operate the Mapper between -20°C/-4°F and +40°C/140°F.

Human-Machine Interface

The Human-Machine Interface features LEDs that indicate the LiDAR system’s status and a simple but effective single button operation.

For more detailed specifications
please request the YellowScan Mapper datasheet

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