Military, Public-safety & Security

Autonomous Security Drone

More than a drone-in-a-box, military-grade security solutions customized for a range of governmental, commercial, and industrial applications.

Autonomous Security Made Simple

When monitoring infrastructure, assets, or events, the automated drone-in-a-box solution is ready to go above and beyond in ease of use, durability, and coverage.

Once deployed via a triggered sensor or as a scheduled mission, our aircraft provide full HD and thermal images directly from the aircraft to act as a day and night surveillance drone. This allows users to make smarter decisions faster while the system performs ad-hoc, routine, or trigger-based missions fully autonomously.

Portable Security
More Coverage

Completely portable and quickly deployable, our drone-in-a-box systems are the security solution of choice for crowd control, event monitoring, and situational awareness.
  • Integrate with any C2 / video management / security software
    Once deployed via a triggered sensor or as a planned mission, our aircraft provide full HD and thermal views directly from the aircraft, allowing users to make smarter decisions faster.

Government & Defence

Whether it be perimeter security, border protection, or disaster relief, tactical missions demand an eye in the sky that refuses to blink.
    The fully automated, smart perimeter solution allows you to easily identify and rapidly respond to security threats.
    A critical component to comprehensive border security, our autonomous solutions patrol borders and provide personnel with full HD and thermal views.
    When disaster strikes, mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death. With a fully automated drone-in-a-box, you can get unparalleled intelligence in under 30 seconds – all from the safety of a birds-eye view.

First responders
& Public safety

Public safety personnel and first responders demand an in-the-field partner they can count on.
    Our military-grade “eye in the sky” solution is a cost-effective and fully autonomous alternative to traditional aerial surveillance systems.Unlike using helicopters, our drone-in-a-box solutions provide instant results when and where you need them. Completely mobile, simply arrive, deploy and monitor – situational awareness has never been so easy.

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