EO-IR stabilized system


The Raven is a dual EO-IR stabilized camera with a cooled MWIR sensor crafted for long-range observation and ISTAR applications using the Martlet MI-3 UAS. The Raven enables long-range observation, object tracking, and recognition, and captures accurate geolocation with an integrated range finder.

Field-proven stabilized camera

Embodying technology innovations, the Raven provides unmatched thermal (night vision) capabilities. This EO/IR stabilized camera features a cooled MWIR thermal camera with 11x optical + 2x digital = 22x zoom and an EO camera (visual channel) with full HD resolution and 40x optical + 2x digital = 80x zoom. This sensor is part of a range of EO/IR sensors that are leading in the field of dual EO-IR gimballed cameras for commercial, industrial, and security applications.


Advanced capabilities

Day / night operation
Target Acquisition capabilities
Optical zoom on EO+IR channel
License plate reading
MWIR cooled thermal camera
11x optical + 2x digital zoom on IR
40x optical + 2x digital zoom on EO
1 KM range finder for target acquisition
3-axis mechanical stabilisation

More than an EO/IR sensor

Compatible with

Multi Option Configuration

Martlet MI-3

Get the most payload capacity and flight time with the portability and reliability of a military-grade multirotor.


EO (visual) Resolution
1280 x 720 px
EO (visual) Zoom
40x Optical + 2x Digital = 80x Total
IR (thermal) Resolution
640 x 480 px
IR (thermal) Zoom
11x Optical + 2x Digital = 22x Total
Range Finder
≥ 1 km range
Operational Temperature
-20°C [-4°F] to +55°C [+131°F]
The Raven will be available on the Martlet MI-3 sUAS in Q3 2023.

For more detailed specifications
please request the Raven datasheet and DRI ranges

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Gijsbert [GB] Thijsen

Tech Consultant