Long-range fixed-wing VTOL


The PD-2 is a hybrid-powered VTOL with a modular design. Featuring a long-range encrypted datalink, 2 cargo delivery modules, and advanced EO/IR, LiDAR, or other sensors.

The PD-2 can stay up in the air for more than 10 hours [fully loaded UAV including payload & fuel].

UAS - CLASS I with +200km effective range

The PD-2 UAS is a portable CLASS I [NATO - JAPCC] VTOL fixed-wing solution designed for various missions in a wide geographic range. The plane can endure a distance of +1100km, with a datalink range of +220km. The system is packed with high-end technologies, AES 128/256 encryption, advanced payloads, and anti-jamming technologies. PD-2 UAS is well-suited for military use, border control, surveillance, inspections, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue, and public safety applications.


Unmatched performance

10+ hours endurance [fixed-wing mode]
19 kg payload capacity [incl. fuel - 8kg] = 11kg
220+ km datalink range [encrypted datalink]
8+ hours endurance [VTOL mode]

All [endurance] numbers above are effective with fully loaded UAVs including payload and fuel.

Combat proven solution

With +10 hours of average endurance [including 19kg payload weight], a service ceiling of 5000 km, a datalink connection of more than 220 km, and a flight distance of 1100 km: this VTOL fixed-wing is ready to serve a wide range of mission types where flight-distance, flight-time, and sensor performance are critical.

The PD platform is a fully customizable modular solution, capable of operating in a wide range of geographic scenarios and can be operational and in the air within 15 minutes from deployment. The system’s modular, robust, and lightweight airframe, powerful engine unit, and stable communications make it a perfect solution for a long-distance unmanned aerial system.

Choose and integrate any compatible equipment due to the PD-2’s versatility. Gimbals, high-resolution cameras, LiDAR, SAR, IMSI catchers, radio repeaters: the flexibility of the PD platform allows using a wide range of various payloads.

Automatic takeoff and landing
Automatic flight along the route
Advanced EO/IR payloads
ADS-B transponder
Landing gear with braking system
Navigation lights

Designed to excel,
built to endure

The PD-2 is a one-stop UAS solution for civil and military use.

The system can take off and land fully automated without human intervention. The ADS-B transponder lets the UAV determine its position and periodically broadcast it, enabling it to be tracked by the antenna for the ultimate datalink range. A secure AES 128/256 encrypted connection and the dual-datalink system ensure that the UAV will not be jammed.

Its modular design keeps operational costs low and allows for quick assembly between the 3 different configurations, whatever the mission requires.
When the VTOL module is not utilized, the landing gear with an integrated braking system reduces the distance required for a runway landing.

The payload area is big enough to fit a dual-sensor gimbal and photo camera or any type of payload up to 11kg. For commercial applications, the PD-2 has been designed to create advanced LiDAR and photogrammetry solutions.

Assemble and modify

PD-2 UAV has a modular design, all airframe parts are secured with “fast link locks”, no tools are needed to (dis)assemble the drone.

Modular design allows replacing all airframe parts, payloads, and other onboard equipment. And one more thing: PD-2 can be assembled or converted from the fixed-wing configuration to VTOL within 15 minutes.

VTOL configuration

  • 8+ hour endurance
  • 4500 m maximum altitude
  • 55 kg MTOW
  • 11 kg maximum payload weight
  • Takeoff & land from any location

Fixed-wing + landing gear

  • 10+ hour endurance
  • 4700 m maximum altitude
  • 55 kg MTOW
  • 19 kg maximum payload weight
  • Takeoff & land using a runway

Fixed-wing no landing gear

  • 10+ hour endurance
  • 5000 m maximum altitude
  • 45 kg MTOW
  • 11 kg maximum payload weight
  • Catapult launch & parachute recovery


Martlet UAS drone

Ground Control Station

Strix-online is specialized software developed for processing gathered information, report generation, and further transfer to external sources using API.

Strix online features include mission planning; moving live map; adding objects and obtaining their coordinates within one click; target detection, identification, and analysis; PDF report generation; transfer to an external source via API; various security protocols, and much more.

Technical Specifications

+10 hours (including full payload)
+220 km datalink (with tracking antenna)
55 kilograms
5 meters
Max wind
15 m/s
Surface ceiling
5500 m / 18050 ft. ASL
Operating temperature
-10°C to +45°C

For more detailed specifications
please request the PD-2 datasheet

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Common Applications

  • Defence [ISTAR]
  • Search and rescue
  • Homeland security
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Communication
  • Gas & oil inspections
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Cargo delivery
  • Police / Law enforcement
  • Fire fighting
  • State Border Patrol
  • Border and coastal protection
  • Security and monitoring
  • Wildfire management
  • Aerial photography

The PD-2

PD-2 is a versatile advanced aerial vehicle designed for the execution of various demanding missions.
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