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Martlet MI-2H

The MI-2H provides aerial intelligence from sensor payload up to 1kg and a flight time of more than 50 minutes while maintaining a lightweight, rugged, and compact design.

Rapid deployable military drone

The MI-2H has a quick deployment time and makes minimal noise for covert day and night observation. The MI-2H is a reliable, portable, and lightweight system that makes minimal noise for covert day and night observation for a single-man operation. Together with 80 minutes of endurance, it makes it an ideal surveillance and reconnaissance UAS.


Unmatched performance

50 minutes endurance
20km datalink range
1kg payload capacity
Rugged, MIL-SPEC design
Real time full HD datalink
P2P or LTE encrypted communication
GPS-denied flight capabilities
Artificial Intelligence features

Tactical advantages

Field-proven unmanned technology that is ready to perform a wide variety of missions and built with an open architecture to adapt it to our client’s current and future needs.

The MI-2H is packed with useful AI (Artificial Intelligence) features, and capable of GPS-denied flights to increase combat effectiveness and force protection.

The P2P or LTE encrypted datalink ensures instant access to real-time information for individuals and command posts, even when flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Designed for ISTAR

The MI-2H has a compact, lightweight & modular design to make it rugged, reliable, and simple to operate while optimizing its performance and payload capacity.

The system is dust and rain-proof [IPX3] and has a flight time of more than 50 minutes to maximize real-time aerial intelligence for critical mission success.

Designed for ISTAR missions, the MI-2H requires only 1-2 personnel for rapid deployment within a couple of minutes, ready to perform manual or fully autonomous missions.

More compatible payloads

The MI-2H can carry more payload compared to the MI-2 while still delivering an endurance of more than 50 minutes.

The MI-2H can be equipped with different gimbals to offer more versatility and flexibility in sensor options. We offer a wide range of field-proven sensors for commercial, industrial, and security applications.

The sensors deliver powerful thermal and long-range visible imagery with object tracking, geolocation, and 40x zoom.

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Ground Control Station

The ground control station (GCS) is a portable unit equipped with a tactical interface and Mil-Std. components, built for one-person operations in all weather conditions.

Its user-friendly interface incorporates a real-time display and a moving tactical map for a complete mission overview, mission planning, different operational modes, payload control, and UAV monitoring.

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Technical Specifications

50 minutes
20 km datalink (with long-range antennas)
Take-off weight
5 kilograms
60 x 60 x 40 cm
Max wind
20 knots
Surface ceiling
2500 m / 8200 ft. ASL
Operating temperature
-15°C to +60°C / -60°F to +140°F


For more detailed specifications
please request the MI-3H datasheet

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Common Applications

  • Defence [ISTAR]
  • Search and rescue
  • Homeland security
  • Natural disasters assessment
  • Commercial
  • Police / Law enforcement
  • Fire fighting
  • State Border Patrol
  • Border and coastal protection
  • Security and monitoring

Martlet MI-2

Developed for Defense and Security clients with more payload capacity to offer more sensor versatility.
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