Field-proven components for your unmanned aerial systems that meet the highest quality standards. Reliability and performance have been tested in various situations, with different applications and environments. Our components allow end-users to get the most out of their system in terms of connectivity, cyber-security, and efficiency.

Unique UAS Components

We offer components ranging from advanced communication modules, anti-jamming devices, and payload accessories.

Our components make unmanned systems better, safer, and more reliable for defense, security, public safety, and commercial applications.

We use aerospace-grade materials and field-proven sensors and components to meet field requirements and MIL standards. Our focus is to be the best in endurance, autonomy, and connectivity. We love R&D projects and integrate any solution into your C2 system because it’s made for it.

Current areas of expertise:

  • Anti-GPS Jamming/Spoofing
  • C2 P2P / MANET encrypted communication
  • Multi-path LTE encrypted communication
  • [AI] Software analytics
  • IMSI catcher
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

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Gijsbert [GB] Thijsen

Tech Consultant