xtend uas serie

Micro UAS series

Quickly deployable tactical (indoor) ISR/CQB, multi-mission/C-IED, and a counter-UAS system. Operated by a human-guided autonomous control system.

xtend micro uas
micro uas drone

A micro indoor, multi mission and a counter UAS

The micro-UAS series consists of a tactical indoor ISR/CQB, a multi-mission/C-IED, and a counter UAS [C-UAS] system that are all operated by a human-guided autonomous operating control system.

This enables any operator to perform accurate remote multi-mission tasks in complex situations and environments. All systems are quickly deployed from a backpack to perform quick indoor and outdoor reconnaissance missions for superior situational awareness.

Regardless of any GPS denied locations, the micro-UAS can perform surgical precision pick & drop delicate tasks thanks to the sensor fusion and machine learning capabilities. This empowers any operator to fly the system like a pro, after a couple of minutes of training.